Street Style Trend: For The Love Of Suede

One fall trend we cannot wait to wear over and over this season is suede! Of course it fits right in with the ongoing 70s trend of 2015 fashion and it's perfect for the minimalist trend as well as it adds interesting textures to even the most simplest of outfits.

This year has seen suede in all sorts of shapes and forms, from your expected suede shoes and bags, to the less expected suede shirts and dresses. Suede makes a statement without being too bold about it.

S H O P   T H E   T R E N D
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5 comments on Street Style Trend: For The Love Of Suede

  1. I really am happy about this trend! I love to incorporate various textures in my looks <3

    Here are my latest suede looks!

    Love, Cécile

  2. Love this post!! Really makes me want to invest in a nice suede jacket!!! <3

    Louise |

  3. Great post ! I am absolutely loving suede this season - it's such an easy way of making an outfit look more expensive too!

    Rachel | Beauty and The Bird

  4. I am obsessed with suede! I just picked up 3 new suede skirts to style for Autumn

    Charlotte / Styleaked