The Plus Size Talk: Curvy is Stylish

For all the curvy women out there, this newly-emerged trend with curvy girls celebrating their voluptuous bodies and openly embracing their curves is a true blessing – and, honestly – it should be! A woman, any woman, should be loved in all shapes and sizes and never be (mis)judged by the calorie intake for the day. We are all for girl power and we’ll always be on that side of the argument.

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With that in mind, we are dedicating this post to all the gorgeous 12 + size girls and women who are proud of their curves and whose styles speak of their extraordinary fashion taste. By exploring some of their individual takes on fashion, we’ve learned that not only curvy is beautiful but it is beyond chic too!

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Thick thighs, round derrieres, voluptuous breasts, plump lips and slim waists are qualities of a real bombshell! Once Kim Kardashian walked that red carpet for the first time flaunting her gorgeous curves for the world to love and accept, she has set new ideals of beauty. Like it or not – it’s true.

Even though many designers are still refusing to hop on board with the plus size fashion trend, the truth is – there have never been more curvaceous, confident and absolutely stunning curvy women speaking out, asking for their spot under the sun.  All woman aren't a size 0 (zero) and we all know it.

For all the curvy girls out there, we've put together a list of pieces that look best on a voluptuous body. Here we go:

1. Crop tops
Again, the Kardashian clan was the one to bring these back. And while the first association to crop top is girl in jeans with a flat stomach, the curvatious K made it their business to bring it back with a twist! Now, crop tops are worn with midi pencil skirts, complementing the hour-glass figure so perfectly you’ll never want to wear anything else! You can also wear them with high-waisted jeans fr a casual look and look ravishing!

2. Jumpsuits/Maxi dresses
The fact you’ve got curves doesn’t mean you should flaunt them all the time. The trick in fashion to always looking fab is to know your body and know how to work it. If you’ve got thicker things or calves, there is a perfect way to play your insecurity to your advantage – maxi dresses and jumpsuits are a God given fashion number that perfectly masks parts of the body you are looking to tone down a bit. Pair either of these two with a jean or a killer biker jacket, or even a blazer and you’ll get yourself looking stunning!

3. Asymmetrical cuts
Curvy girls rule asymmetrical cuts! There’s probably no better shape than curvy to pull this off. Asymmetrical cuts are perfect if you’ve got wider hips or a fuller mid-section as they’ve will mask it all up and turn you into a curvatious goddess! Just make sure you go for the asymmetry that’s body-flattering, nothing too risky.

4. Cardigans
If you are curvy and fabulous, cardigans should become a must-piece in your closet! Long or short, long or short-sleeved, lace or of any other material, cardigans compliment any type of body, especially a curvy one. Imagine yourself in a pencil skirt, nude pumps, cropped top and a maxi cardigan on top of it, with some fabulous jewellery and a fedora thrown in the mix – stunning!

5. Big jewellery
Big girls need big jewellery, and we don’t mean it in a mean way! Stylists all around the world agree that bigger girls should wear pieces that compliment their built, such as big necklace pieces, big earrings and a lot of bracelets or rings. If you are wearing tiny jewellery, you’ll look disproportional and why would you ruin your perfectly picked out outfit with a bad fashion choice, right!?

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This article was written by Peter Minkoff. Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer located in Brisbane, Australia. Graduated from Australian Institute Of Creative Design. He worked as a wardrobe assistant for Brisbane Fashion Festival. Combining all his skills and experience along with his complete and utter passion for fashion, he is planning to launch own independent styling business. Follow Peter on Twitter and Facebook.

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