Keeping Your Hair Perfect Through The Hot Summer*

Summer is the period that many people say is their favourite time of the year. Time to get outside and enjoy the weather, and in Britain we certainly know how to enjoy long, sunny days. These days we are all aware of the dangers the sun can pose to our skin and everyone is encouraged to use sunscreen to prevent sunburn. However, it is not just our skin that needs protecting in the summer months; our hair can also suffer from the effects of the sun.

The sun’s UV rays can damage hair, making it dry and brittle. Hair can become dull and lifeless. Humidity can also affect hair. Even people who usually do not have frizzy hair can end up with dry unmanageable, fluffy ends. When the air is dry, hair tends to lose water, making it drier, but during days when the humidity is high, the hair will absorb water. Hair can swell in diameter by as much as 16% during periods of high humidity and this can create problems for styling and manageability. The hair has two proteins, which react to water differently, and this uneven absorption of water can lead to twisting of the hair strands causing the hair to lose curls or become frizzy, depending on the hair type.

You can try some homemade remedies to protect your hair from the sun effects. Avocado mixed with coconut oil and honey can help to prevent split ends. Mayonnaise mixed with honey can keep hair moisturised and prevent it from becoming too dry. Essential oils can also be used on the scalp and hair to rehydrate and protect the hair.

Many people enjoy sunbathing and swimming on holiday, but while lounging by the pool you should ensure that your hair is protected, as well as your skin. Deep conditioning will improve your hair’s condition and a good UV protective spray will protect your hair. If you will be swimming in either the sea or a pool, be sure to wash your hair with clean water when you get out to remove the salt or chlorine. It is also a good idea to use a product that is designed to remove any buildup of chlorine in the hair. Both salt and chlorine can be very drying to the hair. After-sun hair masques can be used to nourish the hair to repair and prevent further damage.

Enlisting the help of a top salon such as Toni & Guy Liverpool can help you keep your hair in great shape throughout the summer. A good stylist will be able to suggest the sort of products that would work best for your type of hair. Coloured or chemically treated hair is especially susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. To keep your hair colour vibrant you need to nourish your hair and keep it covered up where possible. Look out for products that have been specially formulated to provide protection for coloured hair.

Follow a few simple tips and whether you are lounging on the beach on holiday or simply sunbathing in your back garden your hair can still look fantastic.

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  1. Brilliant tips, I love deep conditioning my hair! Xx


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