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March 12, 2015

You Need A Statement Necklace Like This Right Now

Large multi-layer statement necklaces have quietly slipped their way back into even the most minimalist of wardrobes. These heavy metal bold necklaces seem to hold a special place in a lot of fashionistas wardrobes. Which is no surprise when they have the ability of adding glamour and style to even the most simplest of outfits.

Images via sincerelyjules 

Image via thelondonite

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  1. These necklaces are so beautiful!

  2. I love the look of those chunky statement necklaces if you keep the rest of the outfit relatively simple! However, I don't tend to wear jewelry like this all too often as I eventually get annoyed either by the weight or the jingling sound :D

  3. Very cute to look at but I may not be brave enough to try it :P

  4. I love layering necklaces. Perfect trend for summer

  5. Great post! I have the missguided one already, but id love to get one from Dylanlex !



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