Moschino's Barbie SS15 Capsule Collection: Hot or Not?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh Moschino, first you caught our attention and our taste buds with your McDonald's phone case and now you're making us feel overwhelmed with childhood memories! When I first saw the Barbie collection strut down the catwalk I was flooded with childhood memories, all those times I would dress up my barbies and throw diva strops when I couldn't get Barbie's top over her head. Was I the only one who seemed to be incapable of doing that small task?

Barbie has always been so controversial for the dolls body shape, appearance and all that jazz. But if I am being completely honest, I really do love the collection.

Fashion week is filled to the brim with designers and brands trying to stand out from the crowd and well, Moschino your collection certainty caught my attention! So much so I might even splurge on the phone case, as you know, its about the only thing I can afford without going into massive debt. 

My favourite piece is the two piece (2nd picture from the left). It reminds me of Kim Kardashion's style but with just a bit more edge, or perhaps a lot more edge... 

Now can someone recommend me some good bleach and blonde hair dye so I can be a part of this unique trend please?

We would love to know your opinion on Moschino's collection in the comments, positive or negative!

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  1. I don't know about the ones on the far right, but the jumper dress and two-piece are awesome!


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