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August 31, 2014

Shop The Looks: 3 Ways To Print Clash

It's true, prints are not for everyone, some people like a much more minimalist look. However, there are quite a few of us that are print mad! You start by maybe adding a printed bag to your look, next it's a printed shirt, then a pair of printed trousers and before you know it there is little left in your wardrobe that isn't printed. The thing we love about prints is how unique they can be, you might already own a black top, but you probably don't own a top in print X or Y or Z... so you just can't not buy it!
Now once you've surrendered to your love for print, you should consider all the benefits of print clashing. If you get it right, an abundance of unique and fashionable outfits will be available at your fingertips! Check out three of our favourite print clashing combinations and a guide on how you can get the look along with some little fashion tips and tricks on how to pull of this trend.

Look One | Striped Tee & Floral Trousers

how to wear clashing prints outfit street style trend fashion 2014
Photo via lateafternoon 
This look works for several reasons. Firstly, the colour scheme. This colour scheme works because the blogger has kept the most dominant colours in the same hues, which happen to be neutrals. There are small pops of colour in the trousers, but the main colours run in the same family. Secondly, she has added solid colours into the mix with her bag and shoes. Thirdly, she has opted for one of the prints to be stripes - stripes serve as the "neutral" in the print world and are without a doubt the easiest print to clash with.

Look Two | Floral On Floral 

This fashionista also adds block colours to her look in order to tone down the clashing prints. For her prints however, she's chosen the same pattern, floral, but in different colours. Despite being different colours, they are in similar hues which is what makes this look work so well.

Look Three | Striped Top & Leo Print Flats

how to wear clashing prints outfit street style trend fashion 2014 leopard print shoes striped top
Photo vis trendytaste
1. Newlook Burgundy Double Flap Contrast Panel Satchel £18 | 2. French Connection TimTim Jersey Top In Stripe £30 | 3. Newlook Black Leather Look Mini Skirt £15 | 4. Ravel Mariah Leopard Print Leather Studded Detail Flat Shoes £35 
For a much more subtle approach to the print clashing trend, separate your prints with a block colour. The easiest way to do this is by wearing a printed top, a block coloured bottom, then shoes in a clashing print. This is definitely a great way for those unsure about the trend to incorporate it into their wardrobe.

What do you think of these looks? Which one would you wear?
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  1. These are all perfect! I love the first look

    Colour Me In Blog

  2. These definitely make me want to add more prints to my solid-based wardrobe! Thanks for the inspiration!xx


  3. I absolutely love these! Never thought to mix the two prints.

    I changed my blog from Just Add A Bow Tie to The Hardy Girl, so if you'd like to continue following me my new url is on my profile. I will definitely be following back.

  4. Really like the last outfit:)


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