Let's tackle our hair!

Flat hair? But you want big, stylish, catwalk hair? So you can strut through town feeling like you're on a red carpet? Yeah, so do we!
Luckily enough for us flat hair ladies, or if you just want some added volume, brands across the drugstore are now selling sculpting powders. Which do exactly that, sculpt your hair. Their formulas are powdery and so easy to get your desired finish. Simply dust into your roots, then rub into your hair quickly so it doesn't become clumpy (not sexy!). We love that they are super small and diddy as well so they easily fit into our tiny but stylish handbags!
The two we recommend are by Charles Worthington and Toni & Guy, they both perform amazingly leaving you with hair as big as big ben. In a flattening and catwalk-like style of course! 

Hair, in some of our cases, is most likely our biggest love and hate. So, we here at Fashion Fade want to solve all your hair problems! From Q&A's, how to's and so much more, we will conquer your hair disasters! Simply leave a comment asking a hair related question, review of a particular product, a how to or any problem you may have, and we will get right on top of it and do a column especially for you!

Written by Soph, vavaviolet
Vavaviolet's personal beauty and lifestyle blog - www.vavaviolet.com


  1. how to fishtail plait! can never get it right!!!





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