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July 31, 2014

Fashion Icon: Vanessa Hudgens

Boho-babe Vanessa Hudgens has been on our fashion radar for a long time now, and it just seems as if her looks are getting better and better as she becomes accustomed to her personal style. She is the queen of Coachella and she doesn't leave the festival look behind as she always seems to be able to add a touch of carefree boho-chic to her outfits whether she's attending an event or just going to the shops.

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Do you like Vanessa's style? Which looks are your favourites?
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  1. I have the biggest girl crush on her! She is such a babe!


  2. i lovee vanessa hudgens - her style is impeccable. I love how she's petite like me (5'1) hehe :)


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