Fashion Icon: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has far outgrown her status as "Paris Hilton's best friend" and is now a fashion icon in her own right. We love the way she makes crazy hair colours chic and how she's not afraid to play about with new styles and daring silhouettes. Lately, we really feel like she has been killing it with the outfits she's been spotted in. 

We aren't ones that believe in limiting yourself in fashion, and nor is Nicole! We adore how one day she is dressing a bit rock and roll then the next really feminine in pretty pastels.

Nicole's slim figure means that there isn't much she can't wear, we are envious of the way she can pull of baggy jeans just as well as short denim cut-offs.

Nicole looks fab in both grungy and chic styles, and we love that she isn't one of those celebrities that is always in heels. It definitely makes her style more relatable!

If there is a trend worth trying out, Nicole has already been there. From palazzo pants and crop tops to the all-white look, we know we can rely on this babe to show us how it's done!

What do you think of Nicole Richie's style? Do you like any of these looks?
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