Ways To Wear Birkenstocks: With Neutrals

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Ways To Wear Neutrals & Birkenstocks
Images via camilleovertherainbow, carolinesmode, isabellathordsen& modernlegacy

The Birkenstock sandals were once considered to be one of the ugliest shoes you could possibly wear, however the tables have turned and now these flat slip-on sandals are one of spring/summers hottest trends. Love them or hate them, they've been spotted on celebrities such as Heidi Klum and The Olson twins. Vogue and Elle have come to embrace this sandal and even fashion giant Céline has released their own line of Birkenstocks. We think a great way to wear these sandals is with an outfit made up of neutrals as this creates a chic feel.

What do you think of these controversial shoes? How would you wear them?
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  1. Great post I recently tried a pair on and the T bar style look so nice they were like wearing carpet slippers I'm waiting for a voucher code so I can pick up a pair, super helpful post though x


  2. I used to hate them but every time I see them styled I love them more and more.. I spotted a pair in primark for only £5 and have stopped myself from buying them twice now, but next time I think I will just give into this ugly trend as I can't stop thinking about them!!

  3. I really wasn't feeling Birkenstocks until i saw this post! Those girls are really rocking the ugly shoe!! :D

    Love Cheap Frills x


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